Unique Creations - Artisan's Outlet
Unique Creations - Artisan's Outlet

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Whether you have Facebook or not, please click on our Facebook link to see photos of products in the store. Due to the technical nature of websites, our Facebook page is updated more often than our website. If you are familiar with Facebook, please "like" our page and spread the word about the store.

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If you're looking for a gift or home decor item that isn't mass produced or made outside Canada please continue...
If you want to give a gift that people will treasure for years and remember that it was you that gave it to them, then keep reading...
If you want to have the most unique and interesting items in your home that people will continue to talk about after they leave, then read on...
If you're looking for a unique, hand-crafted gift or home decor item that is Canadian made then you've finally found your new favourite store!

Unique Creations - Artisan's Outlet
Unique Creations Artisan's Outlet carries merchandise hand-crafted by a diverse group of artisans. We offer paintings, photography, jewellery, soy & beeswax candles, hand-quilted baby quilts, glass and wood works and other home decor items.

The Artisans
Unique Creations - Artisan's OutletThere are many talented artisans that primarily use craft shows in order to get their products in front of potential customers. We understand the feeling of wanting to provide something unique and different to buyers, and the pride that comes from making that yourself but selling only at craft shows limits your potential customer. Unique Creations Artisan's Outlet is an artisan's outlet to the public 6 days a week at a fraction of the cost of a show or opening your own business. We offer a place where artisans can showcase and sell their wares to customers looking for a unique gift, or for something a little different for their homes. The store will promote the creator of the products to customers, and offer a comfortable, interesting and friendly place for people to spend time browsing and buying.

Having a number of unique Canadian made products in one location is a great draw for both vendors and buyers. The store is staffed by Tracy Nie and is open 6 days a week. Bring in your merchandise which we'll barcode, so you can continue making your product or take care of the other important things in your life and wait for your money to roll in. You can check our site as often as you like to see which items have sold so you know what to make more of. If you have something unique and would like more information on how to be involved, please email or call us, or stop by the store.